Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Love Mentality

Always since our beginning as children we are told what NOT to do. It is ingrained into our minds for our safety and welfare. Likewise growing up we are trained on what NOT to do such as in Bible Sunday school and church, hence the 10 commandments.
Then Iesous came. Instructing rather on NOT what to do, but rather TO do!
This was radical in its time.

The universal law becomes so clear: Love God with all of your heart, soul-mind, power, strength and love your countrymen as yourself. All of the laws fulfill all of this!
It is a great mental exercise to really realize on how to perform this. We are so rutted in on what not to do out of fear of repercussion instead of examining if the situation to be put into full action of love to do therefore great works!
Examination of oneself in this occupation reveals much of our capacity to love. It is challenging and it is of the greatest hope that the Spirit helps those who are HIS to put this into full action the molding of one's mentality to be of the utmost fullest capability to love!
Peace and most of all love to all who crave such mentality.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Do not worry - We have containment.

Having observed the evil of this realm and those who perpetrate it, caused me to question the Most High on the most pressing objective of this place and time. Expressing concern that the children of darkness crave to reach out into the outer heavens and in their arrogance believe with their technology, they can leave this earth to explore and conquer worlds. While in a quiet meditation a calming voice came to me and ever so meek and gentle stated thus, "Do not worry or take any care of the works of the children of the devil and their desires to leave.  For it is written flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. For we know all and have everything contained until the final judgement upon the entire earth and those who dwell on it. With great heat will purge the earth and all of its works thereof and it shall be as it never was. Take heed to yourself and pray without ceasing for you, your brothers and sisters of the Most High for HIS seed shall He preserve and keep it." A sigh of relief entered the soul and rest.