Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Where are the counselors?

Where are all of the wise counselors? You seek knowledge, but not wisdom? Knowledge abounds and desire to know of that should not be known. You seek more and thirst for deep hidden secrets that only lead to destruction. Missing the mark, you stray and injure the innocence that was secretly protected. Do things need to be known that otherwise should be left to the higher? For the carnal knows not of the things behind the veil, but without restraint rends it, deceiving oneself  in heart to take knowledge for power. Is it not power that corrupts and the carnal wields without care or discipline only to destroy themselves?
Wisdom has left the carnal unto their own doings and they shall burn themselves as the disobedient do.
For knowledge is sharp as a knife brandishing its blade for good and evil; for wisdom controls the hand and tempers it. Wisdom is the sheath of protection holding in place knowledge. O' wise counselors, you hide now for the corrupt seek their own destruction. May those who take heed find it well for what is to come Passover them that which are gentle seeking and thirsting for righteousness.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Serpent and the Wolves

In a dark cave to where no one ventured, the crafty serpent gathered the wolves and hissed unto them, "Gather together unto yourselves and attack the sheep which reside in small enclaves in your territory. Kill them, maul them, scatter them and strike fear into them throughout the entire region and feed yourselves with their flesh.”
The Alpha wolf responded, "Why shall we do this, will we not bring the wrath of the Eagle?" The serpent ever so cunning and subtle replied in a low hiss, “For we shall be likened unto them as a shepherd, filling them with hope and direction to gather them unto ourselves to look to us and our staff. With wonderment and awe shall they come to fight for us and be our fodder. As for the Eagle, we are in its nest and know all of her, for she is bewildered and confused feeding our race rather than her own. Nevertheless, when we are through, the sheep she watches over, even those shall she cast their own lambs unto you as payment to do as you please.” The wolf with a grin said, “O’ masterful serpent that is why you reside in the dark recesses to where the light cannot expose you and hide in the places that they cannot see, but they do not want to see for fear of you. That is why you rule with cunning genius and with such subtlety. We shall make it so for you and we shall feed.”