Saturday, November 8, 2014

A secured camp - Nothing Gets In!

Though it be small and encompassed about by  those who hate them in great numbers, it will be a place for those who shall not be molested by this world. 
No perverse thought shall enter their mind or foulness of the forked tongue shall they hear. Nothing shall beguile them. It is guarded on all four sides by those who will not let anything in that will corrupt or injure. For they are but small in number, though they be surrounded by the numberless of heathen, who by jealous rage seek what they have. 
A pin of light that pierces the darkness, a shed of hope though they be very few!

Anger and hatred are in their hearts against what is pure and good, therefore by counsel they seek to destroy for what they can never have. For the heathen and the perverse shall surround the camp of the saints of the most High and with His voice shall His perfect ordnance come from above and annihilate them all with fervent heat.
This is His peace to all that are His and who love Him Forevermore.