Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Path of the Western Man

What way have you gone O' Western Man? For what paths have led you to salvation? Confusion and your spirit being driven under the belly of the slithering beast.
For what is your measure of creed that has counted you even worthy? For you bend your knee to compromise has led you down to the pit of mire. With the pigs and dogs you are not keeping the way secure. Get ready now and take a deep breath for your face goes in now, for what will be the dirt of the endtrails of all things putrid and vile. 
When you who have stomached enough, shall you look to heaven from whence you all came and know your follies. Wipe your faces O' Western Man of the mire and vomit the shit from your mouths. You will know your missed mark and ascend to your rightful place. You shall trodden under foot your enemies and burn them with fire! Honor, Glory and Righteousness shall be your creed to embrace your Brother who is King!