Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The story of a Man

I shall tell you a story of a man, who traveled the world and was accused of being a part of a certain criminal clan.
Though he never said he was, he riled them up. Judged them and set in motion His masterful plan.
The woman at the well even could not tell, for she as many others was under that spell.
Even a man of power demanding why his own house hated him so, he never said he was, but told, him this is not his home.
Throughout his journey, he set the record straight, but so little few ever get it who really runs this place.
Today his story goes throughout the world, but with an ever so slight twist, never to expose who really this is. For they run the affairs of the world behind closed doors, setting in motion the fear if you expose them with death and despair.
In time, they too cannot hold their secrets and lies, for they shall hang themselves in an ever awkward guise, tightening their own rope, struggling for breath and no longer any hope. For truth has its way, only needing time to work in the minds who sleep in this present day.