Monday, September 29, 2014

Serpents of Babylon

O'Serpents of Babylon, who have lead the earth astray, subtle, cunning, liars and murderers! Who have perverted truth, righteousness and have fooled the children of light. Taking upon yourselves titles and names for which you have usurped! Masters of deceit! For you have raised yourselves on high by your trickery to only bring upon yourselves hell fire of all hell fires upon your entire race. A race of vipers to whom you are called and chosen to bear all judgment and punishment for slaying the sheep and the Lamb of God! All righteous blood shed shall come down on your heads from time beginning til the end of this age! Lap dogs of Babylon, jump down off of your masters lap and lament! Rend your clothes and dowse yourselves in ashes and reflect of your ways crushing the necks of your Brethren and Countrymen! Give over your riches and prove yourselves in thought and deed for the helpless and widowed! Consider your crimes of your masters to whom you lick the boots thereof! Ponder and think of that! Be patient soldiers of the Most High! Love and seek HIS kingdom and all that is within. Let your deeds pass unto the next world and may it be well with you. Be strong in HIS might and power both seen and unseen! Give freely among all who are humble and lowly of spirit. Be a testimony of being a holy knight, commissioned from on high to execute righteousness and judgment for all. Defend the sisters and daughters of our house. May your enemies and the enemies of our God take flight and tremble of your works and of the majesty of the Holy One who sits at the right hand of our Father, who gives freely to all that ask.