Monday, September 29, 2014

Life and not Death!

My brothers and sisters, why embrace death? Fill not your minds with wants and desires that perish. Fill your minds with the eternal love of energy that drives LIFE and do not fear! Be therefore sons and daughters of God from before the foundations of the ORDER. Be a disciple of our Brother who is anointed and who leads the path of life eternal and righteousness. Put the flesh under the control of Him and be not conformed to this depraved and vain world. For we are not of this world. This world passes away, but those who keep His commandments pass not away. The body passes, but the mind HE will preserve who is like-minded of HIM. Let's therefore renew our thoughts of Life, Love and all things hoped for. Defend the helpless and remember our kindred in body and spirit that all their needs be met to be righteous soldiers in the defense of Life eternal. Hail Iesous! To HIS totalitarian kingdom now and forever.