Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The story of a Man

I shall tell you a story of a man, who traveled the world and was accused of being a part of a certain criminal clan.
Though he never said he was, he riled them up. Judged them and set in motion His masterful plan.
The woman at the well even could not tell, for she as many others was under that spell.
Even a man of power demanding why his own house hated him so, he never said he was, but told, him this is not his home.
Throughout his journey, he set the record straight, but so little few ever get it who really runs this place.
Today his story goes throughout the world, but with an ever so slight twist, never to expose who really this is. For they run the affairs of the world behind closed doors, setting in motion the fear if you expose them with death and despair.
In time, they too cannot hold their secrets and lies, for they shall hang themselves in an ever awkward guise, tightening their own rope, struggling for breath and no longer any hope. For truth has its way, only needing time to work in the minds who sleep in this present day.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Serpents of Babylon

O'Serpents of Babylon, who have lead the earth astray, subtle, cunning, liars and murderers! Who have perverted truth, righteousness and have fooled the children of light. Taking upon yourselves titles and names for which you have usurped! Masters of deceit! For you have raised yourselves on high by your trickery to only bring upon yourselves hell fire of all hell fires upon your entire race. A race of vipers to whom you are called and chosen to bear all judgment and punishment for slaying the sheep and the Lamb of God! All righteous blood shed shall come down on your heads from time beginning til the end of this age! Lap dogs of Babylon, jump down off of your masters lap and lament! Rend your clothes and dowse yourselves in ashes and reflect of your ways crushing the necks of your Brethren and Countrymen! Give over your riches and prove yourselves in thought and deed for the helpless and widowed! Consider your crimes of your masters to whom you lick the boots thereof! Ponder and think of that! Be patient soldiers of the Most High! Love and seek HIS kingdom and all that is within. Let your deeds pass unto the next world and may it be well with you. Be strong in HIS might and power both seen and unseen! Give freely among all who are humble and lowly of spirit. Be a testimony of being a holy knight, commissioned from on high to execute righteousness and judgment for all. Defend the sisters and daughters of our house. May your enemies and the enemies of our God take flight and tremble of your works and of the majesty of the Holy One who sits at the right hand of our Father, who gives freely to all that ask.

Life and not Death!

My brothers and sisters, why embrace death? Fill not your minds with wants and desires that perish. Fill your minds with the eternal love of energy that drives LIFE and do not fear! Be therefore sons and daughters of God from before the foundations of the ORDER. Be a disciple of our Brother who is anointed and who leads the path of life eternal and righteousness. Put the flesh under the control of Him and be not conformed to this depraved and vain world. For we are not of this world. This world passes away, but those who keep His commandments pass not away. The body passes, but the mind HE will preserve who is like-minded of HIM. Let's therefore renew our thoughts of Life, Love and all things hoped for. Defend the helpless and remember our kindred in body and spirit that all their needs be met to be righteous soldiers in the defense of Life eternal. Hail Iesous! To HIS totalitarian kingdom now and forever.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Wormtongues worketh

Behold! For the children of inheritance are under the spell of the seed of the diabolical one. For the Grima Wormtongue have made it so among them to forfeit their inheritance to the serpents of old who will not repent, but only deepen their witchcraft who themselves cannot escape the hold of the grave. Dead bones they are, never again to rise. O' children of inheritance, will you not come from under their spell? You have vomited the strong medicine again and again refusing to take cure. You too, approach death's door and welcome it! Take thy medicine and hold it down though it make your stomach sour, you will gain strength, then health, again to take your rightful place and inherit the Kingdom from before the world began!