Saturday, June 21, 2014

The war of struggle

The struggle of life is to maintain and defend  the order of the original intent of creation. It is a constant war of mentality that is waged. The weapons of corruption bombard the defenses of life. Stand your ground men of God. Maintain the phalanx of life though you be of just a few. May your works go with you to the afterlife and rewards is with the Master Commander who gives the victory crown of gold to those who hold this credence.

The time approaches

O' how long shall the wicked race of the earth prevail? You vipers! Snuffers of life upon the earth which choke the nations! You have brewed for your children the cauldron of death by your lies and deceptions through out history. A holocausts of holocausts awaits everyone of you. For you have thwarted reproach by cunning means, deflected truth to bear your own iniquity and only through pride usurped a name which puts you as the most high. Fall, fall all of you shall and a great fall it shall be into the pit of death.To be covered over and thought of no more.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The destroyers

Beware the cunning speak of the destroyers of life perpetrating themselves as beings of light, but are dark to the core, liars and murders. The light of truth is not in them for they are the race of vipers and behold now their venom has taken the body only to kill.

Free Body Armor

Hope is the credence of all things wonderful to one who believes in God to protect them in the body and out of the body. This gives confidence in the spirit to complete his will.  This is excellent body armor.