Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Love Mentality

Always since our beginning as children we are told what NOT to do. It is ingrained into our minds for our safety and welfare. Likewise growing up we are trained on what NOT to do such as in Bible Sunday school and church, hence the 10 commandments.
Then Iesous came. Instructing rather on NOT what to do, but rather TO do!
This was radical in its time.

The universal law becomes so clear: Love God with all of your heart, soul-mind, power, strength and love your countrymen as yourself. All of the laws fulfill all of this!
It is a great mental exercise to really realize on how to perform this. We are so rutted in on what not to do out of fear of repercussion instead of examining if the situation to be put into full action of love to do therefore great works!
Examination of oneself in this occupation reveals much of our capacity to love. It is challenging and it is of the greatest hope that the Spirit helps those who are HIS to put this into full action the molding of one's mentality to be of the utmost fullest capability to love!
Peace and most of all love to all who crave such mentality.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Do not worry - We have containment.

Having observed the evil of this realm and those who perpetrate it, caused me to question the Most High on the most pressing objective of this place and time. Expressing concern that the children of darkness crave to reach out into the outer heavens and in their arrogance believe with their technology, they can leave this earth to explore and conquer worlds. While in a quiet meditation a calming voice came to me and ever so meek and gentle stated thus, "Do not worry or take any care of the works of the children of the devil and their desires to leave.  For it is written flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. For we know all and have everything contained until the final judgement upon the entire earth and those who dwell on it. With great heat will purge the earth and all of its works thereof and it shall be as it never was. Take heed to yourself and pray without ceasing for you, your brothers and sisters of the Most High for HIS seed shall He preserve and keep it." A sigh of relief entered the soul and rest.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Where are the counselors?

Where are all of the wise counselors? You seek knowledge, but not wisdom? Knowledge abounds and desire to know of that should not be known. You seek more and thirst for deep hidden secrets that only lead to destruction. Missing the mark, you stray and injure the innocence that was secretly protected. Do things need to be known that otherwise should be left to the higher? For the carnal knows not of the things behind the veil, but without restraint rends it, deceiving oneself  in heart to take knowledge for power. Is it not power that corrupts and the carnal wields without care or discipline only to destroy themselves?
Wisdom has left the carnal unto their own doings and they shall burn themselves as the disobedient do.
For knowledge is sharp as a knife brandishing its blade for good and evil; for wisdom controls the hand and tempers it. Wisdom is the sheath of protection holding in place knowledge. O' wise counselors, you hide now for the corrupt seek their own destruction. May those who take heed find it well for what is to come Passover them that which are gentle seeking and thirsting for righteousness.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Serpent and the Wolves

In a dark cave to where no one ventured, the crafty serpent gathered the wolves and hissed unto them, "Gather together unto yourselves and attack the sheep which reside in small enclaves in your territory. Kill them, maul them, scatter them and strike fear into them throughout the entire region and feed yourselves with their flesh.”
The Alpha wolf responded, "Why shall we do this, will we not bring the wrath of the Eagle?" The serpent ever so cunning and subtle replied in a low hiss, “For we shall be likened unto them as a shepherd, filling them with hope and direction to gather them unto ourselves to look to us and our staff. With wonderment and awe shall they come to fight for us and be our fodder. As for the Eagle, we are in its nest and know all of her, for she is bewildered and confused feeding our race rather than her own. Nevertheless, when we are through, the sheep she watches over, even those shall she cast their own lambs unto you as payment to do as you please.” The wolf with a grin said, “O’ masterful serpent that is why you reside in the dark recesses to where the light cannot expose you and hide in the places that they cannot see, but they do not want to see for fear of you. That is why you rule with cunning genius and with such subtlety. We shall make it so for you and we shall feed.”

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A secured camp - Nothing Gets In!

Though it be small and encompassed about by  those who hate them in great numbers, it will be a place for those who shall not be molested by this world. 
No perverse thought shall enter their mind or foulness of the forked tongue shall they hear. Nothing shall beguile them. It is guarded on all four sides by those who will not let anything in that will corrupt or injure. For they are but small in number, though they be surrounded by the numberless of heathen, who by jealous rage seek what they have. 
A pin of light that pierces the darkness, a shed of hope though they be very few!

Anger and hatred are in their hearts against what is pure and good, therefore by counsel they seek to destroy for what they can never have. For the heathen and the perverse shall surround the camp of the saints of the most High and with His voice shall His perfect ordnance come from above and annihilate them all with fervent heat.
This is His peace to all that are His and who love Him Forevermore.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Holy Names Confounded

Used to be in the mentality that I was a Christian, but only with the greatest hope to be even a disciple, a humble and simple slave to the Master and Commander of the Universe seen and unseen.

Christian defined states "to be like in the image of the anointed one." It is the greatest hope to be like him, but when I study the scriptures, I am pathetic. I have not raised the dead, cured horrible diseases, dispatched demons from the infirmed, have the intelligence to engage people in eloquent symbolic metaphoric analogies like Iesous did among many. Though it is of the greatest hope to do so.

An issue that needs to be addressed is this rising fad of the Holy Names movement. (Yes, I have been involved in it for many years.) Many are embracing this so called Hebrew or Ancient Phoenician names. These are the Ancient Caananite languages to which the Israelite forefathers were to utterly annihilate off the face of the earth, but failed to do so and they reside among us this day.

After much study, I can only verify the Greek. Many of these so called Holy names call the Father, Yahweh, Yahovah, Jehovah and the son Yahshua, Yeshua, Yahwashua etc, there are many variations as well as arguments, sometimes vicious by the proponets who claim by their presentation are right, this lends to much frustration and confusion. In the Greek texts (Septuagint-Old Covenant much older than the 1,000 year old Masoretic texts)and (Koine Greek New Covenant), no such names are given. It is simple and to the point with theos = God or gods and kurios = Lord, lords or master. 

Many put there credence into the Masoretic texts and the KJV, but at the same time snub their noses at it calling it corrupted, which is true, but yet use it extensively in their teachings. They wield the Strong's Concordance with the Hebrew Chaldee and Greek dictionaries to some how expound the scriptures that it is some type of mystical key that gives insightful knowledge, but fail to realize that James L. Strong stated himself this Bible tool was not to be used as such. It was designed for reference and cross reference for the KJV (King James Version: Version is exactly as it is.

Definition of "version" - a translation from another language; especially :  a translation of the Bible or a part of it. 2. A story or description that is different in some way from another person's story or description. King James translators were they interested in literal translation or making sure it was politically correct to please the king? Who he himself believed and wrote in 1597–98. The True Law of Free Monarchies and Basilikon Doron (Royal Gift), in which he argued a theological basis for monarchy. In the True Law, he sets out the divine right of kings, explaining that for Biblical reasons kings are higher beings than other men. Then several years later decides to commission in 1604 The Authorized King James Version of the Bible, which was completed in 1611. This is the most praised English bible to date. At least the Authorized King James puts version right on its cover for a legal disclaimer.

No one is using original sourced document verification, but rather speculation. In conclusion, the Greek is the only VERIFIABLE original sourced documents thus far. The Masoretic texts are only about a 1000 yrs old. Admittedly the orthography of this so-called Hebrew was radically changed by a presumed secular Jewish sect. What was their motivation in doing such a thing? Is truth expounded by corruption or does corruption beget corruption?

In the Greek, The Father is the Father (pater) and the only HOLY name given unto men under heaven to which to be saved is IESOUS. That's it. (The name Jesus is only a few hundred years old after the letter "J" was added to the English alphabet and cannot be sourced to its origin of its verifiable sourced transliteration.) 

Many so called scholars suggest the Syriac script is influenced by the Aramaic, another supposed language that is suggested that Iesous spoke along with his disciples during their time. Justifying using these so-called holy names being linked to the Hebrew. Again, much speculation and debate to render absolute confidence in their validity that Aramaic was actually used.

Having studied now for 20 years by reading and studying in depth numerous arguments, debates and much speculation from its adherents to the transliteration, pronunciation and translation to this Holy names movement whether so called Hebrew, Aramaic, Ancient Hebrew, Phoenician, etc. This is nothing, but confusion.

To this date,the Koine Greek known as the common man's language of its time, is simple, to the point and the narrowest of translation into the English that one can come upon.

Communication (logos) is of the utmost key for transmitting vital information from the source to its intended recipients to be disseminated and put into use. Know and understand how vital this is.

If a Commander issues orders to his messengers to be received by his soldiers, but along the way the messengers and thier information are intercepted and diciphered. Then they subtly  adulterate the documents only ever so slightly and alter the message. What is to become of the soldiers in the battlefield being on the receiving end of corrupted communications? 

The conclusion is simple - Confusion and soldiers die.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blessed are the Peacemakers!

No man has the right to kill another man....EVER! You have the right to defend and preserve LIFE! Those who raise their hand to strike, kill or threaten to kill by evil intentions as subtle serpents shall have the slayed blood on their hands and on their heads of the innocent, but also their very own blood shall be on their own heads for their crimes dispatched from the executor of justice. 
Have the mentality of LOVE and Defend LOVE of your fellow man and countrymen. Cast off any thoughts of malice and embrace LIFE! Righteous and justified use of arms brings peace to a land and to its people. Arm yourselves in this! No man shall ever be disbarred the use of Arms. Blessed are the peacemakers!